€uro Update * Resolución en torno a los 1.3490 $EURUSD $6E_F #forex #fx

Siguiendo con lo revisado en torno a la sesión del día de hoy, adjuntamos el desarrollo de la acción de precio, como resultado del posicionamiento dinámico de compradores y vendedores. monitoreado a través de la lectura del flujo de ordenes.


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€uro update * Escenarios y niveles clave para la semana $EURUSD #fx #forex #mercados $6E_F

Continuando con nuestra colaboración junto al portal FXStreet.es, recordamos que a partir de la semana pasada, nuestro reporte semanal se publica en exclusiva a través del sitio, en la sección Informes Técnicos. Se encuentra disponible todos los Lunes a las 6:30 GMT. Puede encontrarlo en el siguiente link


Siguiendo con lo desarrollado en el reporte, marcamos estar atentos a la digestión del movimiento.

Sin embargo, consideramos importante dejar “digerir” este movimiento antes de tomar una postura. Asimismo, creemos que la volatilidad va a ir tendiendo a disminuir hacia mitad de semana, siempre y cuando no haya ningún factor externo que afecte esta dinámica -en especial considerando que la situación en relación a Siria continúa siendo sensible. Como niveles a muy corto plazo ante una eventual retracción que dé lugar a este “descanso”, estaremos atentos a los 1.3345-1.3337, seguido por 1.3330 y 1.3317-1.3310….

…. En relación a lo que nos encuentra comunicando el análisis del flujo de órdenes, la divergencia entre mayores niveles de precio y disminución en la presión de compra, nos hace estar particularmente atentos ante la posibilidad de una retracción, sujeta siempre a los niveles previamente apuntados. 


La divergencia señalada ha jugado en favor de los vendedores, marcando mínimos en torno a los 1.3340, unos 5 pips por debajo de nuestro target, en donde los compradores han salido a defender estos niveles.

Por lo pronto, los escenarios y niveles planteados siguen manteniéndose válidos.


Estaremos actualizando durante el curso de la semana, en miras a la sesión en vivo que llevaremos a cabo el próximo Jueves a las 14:30 GMT, en donde nos estaremos enfocando en el análisis de la lectura del flujo de órdenes y perfil de volumen. 

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WEBINAR “ Flujo de órdenes: Operando con la energía subyacente que mueve el precio ” $EURUSD $GLD $GC_F #forex #mercados #europa #educacion #trading

A continuación, nuestro sesión del Jueves 12 de Septiembre en donde seguimos desarrollando algunos conceptos en torno a la lectura del flujo de órdenes y perfil de volumen, aplicando nuestro análisis al €uro y Oro. Se encuentra grabado en alta deifnición, de manera que sugerimos esperar unos minutos para que la compresión del mismo pueda adaptarse.

Los mercados han tomado favorablemente la renunicia de Larry Summers para la candidatura de Presidente de la FED, así como el pacto en torno a  al control de armas químicas en Siria.

Por lo pronto, nuestro análisis semanal estará siendo publicado mañana por la mañana en exclusiva vía FXStreet.es

NUestra próxima sesión tendrá lugar este Jueves 19 de Sep. a las 14:30 GMT.

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Trainspotting Cyprus: bailout shows troika to be hapless incompetents


Fintan OTolle, literary editor of The Irish Times sets forth some critical but brutally honest clear points on the preeminence of the Troika over European countries (specially those in need of financial assistance) focused on the lack of accountability and oversight and what is currently one of the most powerful bodies in the modern world.- The fact that this supranational-unaccountable corporation is setting the standard and conditions for assisting troubled economies doesnt leave much room for improvement, specially in lieu of the ever worsening situations on the periphery.

It is important to grasp that the stupidity of the proposal to raid guaranteed deposits is not an aberration. It is an inevitability. Why? Because unaccountable institutions with too much power always make bad decisions

Full article here.-

€uro update * volatility roadmap * March 22

Headline risk is paramount in this type of situations. Rumors and news could come at any any time, so caution is advised.-

Regardless of the environment, the €uro has manage to find its footing into the 1.2840´s, are which has found buyers and has been respected since mid-November 2012.- It is the line in the sand, so far.-


Sunday´s opening gap has not managed to get filled, though.- Last Friday close was in the 1.3080, almost 80 pips above from it is currently trading.-

It is not easy to establish direction during this type of situations, however, there are some important scenarios to address and clear reference levels. Swings will likely have bigger ranges than usual due to the extreme volatility of the situation.-

a-) FAVORABLE NEWS SCENARIO could provide some fuel from buyers, which are still aligned towards record levels, according to what I am currently seeing.-


Price action from the lows at 1.2840 has been constructive. 1.2920-1.2890 as a key area.-

1.30120-1.3010 is a key area that is currently providing some rejection. However, It is important to note the pressure from buyers is currently on, as I’m writing this post.-


Provided buying pressure continues, I will be watching 1.3085-1.3060, followed by 1.3075, 1.3087, 1.3108 & 1.3121.-

Above,  a clean brake of 1.3160-1.3040 could potentially open the door towards the the 1.3195-1.3182, followed by 1.3220, 1.3270 and finally 1.3320, as extended targets.-

Alternatively, bad news/bad interpretation of those news will likely bring a negative impact.- I pointed out above about the important positioning of longs. Similary to other instances in different assets I follow, this type of situation could spark an important selloff in which those longs gets pressured by intense selling pressure, fueling an important move.- It is not possible to determine the extent of that reaction.

However, some key levels to have a as reference are worth to note.-


1.2918-1.2886 is the first key reference I am watching now, followed by 1.2880-1.2860. A breach of these will bring a test of the 1.2840 area, which buyers have defended over the last 5 months, sionce Mid-Novemeber 2012.-

Below, I am looking into 1.2805-1.2775, followed by 1.2740, 1.2720 and 1.2700-1.2660.-


At last, a third option will be containment between the current area in which markets mantain balance awaiting for a resolution -either positive or negative, in that sense, I will be looking for a (wide) range between 1.3020-1.2880, eventually 1.2840 which -again- as a key price point.


€uro update * March. 8

Broad, 200 pip balance area, as noted below.


Currently trading into 1.2990 (as I am writing this post) which happens to be a key price point. The more time/acceptance the €uro spends within this area, the more chances I see of further downside, provided no buying shows up to defend these levels.


To the downside, i am looking into 1.2940, followed by 1.2905. Lastly, 1.2880 is key. I{m working with the idea of sellers pressuring into this levele, might open the dooor for a bigger move. In that event, I will be looking into1.2840 & 1.2800-1.2785, followed by 1.2740, 1.2720-1.2700-1.2660 as an extended target.

Alternatively, provided buyers defend the current levels, 1.3075 is an important price point to watch, although the real threshhold is located into 1.3120-1.3080, followed by 1.3160. Provided buying pressure is maintained, the surpassing of 1.3200-1.3180 will be key for more upside. I will be watching also 1.3220 & 1.3250 as extended targets.


€uro update * Late afternoon * Feb. 27

€uro fairly balanced within 1.3140-1.3020 – I would like to wait and see a break of the balance area.

Although there´s negative divergence in place at the time of writing, I am being specially careful with, specially after the  afternoon move.


Thus, some ideas to take into account:

a-) REJECTION OF HIGHER VALUE AREAS WHILE STILL IN BALANCE: Sellers take control within 1.3140 and price retraces back towards 1.3040.


this will bring the pari back into the 1.3020´s, which will not hold due to sustained selling pressure.

1.3020-1.300 is a key value area – I would be looking into 1.2940 if the former gets breached, followed by 1.2880


In this event, continued selling pressure provides some fuel and price shoots upwards – In this event, I will be looking into 1.3180´s, as an important price point.  It should provide some sort of reaction, possibly a good area to see a retracement. Price action at that point will provide the extent of the reaction at that point. Above, I do not see much  until 1.3260. Above 1.3350 is key.


To be, or not to be. That is the question for the #Euro $EURUSD $6E_F


1.3420 support has faired quite well, considered it has been tested several times during the last week. The level has been accepted, at least for now. Feels like it is waiting for something. It is important to note also, that there has been a very high positive corraltion between the Euro and the S&P500 futrures, lately.

The Euro open on Sunday night with tiny 5 pip a gap down, which was almost instantly filled following the first 20 min. of the session. This has not happened with the ES, which is currently almost -10 points, at the time of writing (11:40PM, ET). This is defintely saying something.


Levelwise, the chart below is showing the areas of interest. Aside from the 1.3420-1.3400 level, It is important to point out the 1.3250-1.3330 as a key level, where the previous upmove back in early June took place, followed by 1.3170-1.3220.

To the upside, if the barrier of 1.3650 is breached, I think the Euro could possibly see 1.3800-1.3850, even 1.3950-1.400. Compared to previous crisis (2009, for example), the Euro has faired fairly well, considering the crisis is only getting worse. This makes me think, as a possibility, the alternative of some in the market have been already pricing in some sort of future event. Just an idea.