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I´ve been hosting weekly sessions for FXStreet en español over last few months in which I develop my views on diverse topics and analysis, as well.

The previous posts (in Spanish)  have been focused in developing and explaining some of the tools i regularly use, with analysis applied towards €uro, Crude Oil and Gold.

I´ll do my best in to keep posting both in English and Spanish, although it will depend on the workload that I face on a daily basis. My goal is to reach a broader audience, so feel free to pass along, comment, suggest and participate.

Below is the translation of the previous post (in Spanish), following my contribution to FXStreet.es in which some important levels and scenarios are laid out for the upcoming days.  There are some references to previous posts/notes/articles which are exclusively written in Spanish and which I will not translate due to time constraints. However, Google Translate provides an excellent and reliable tool, in the event you decide to translate some of the content.-

The note is partially translated. I´m hereto laying out the specific analysis for the €uro.

From a fundamental perspective, it is important to take note of the current issues that dominate  the current agenda: the question of the level of intervention of the FED, the to Taper or Not as a the theme that dominates the agenda of markets, the geopolitical situation in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt and Syria currently, aside of  the summer “break” in  Europe, at least temporarily, as we noted last week (see here the post, in Spanish) . These past few weeks have been characterized by very low volume, which we estimate will begin to change as the regular schedule of the markets resumes.

The coming week brings a number of important economic events and announcements, among others, see the FOMC minutes (August 21), China HSBC Flash Manufacturing PMI (August 22) and the Fed’s symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyoming (August 22 and 24), plus the G20 ministers meeting (August 24), in anticipation of the G20 summit in Russia (Sept. 5-6), Germany GDP (Aug.23), among others.

We continue to look into the following four areas where we estimate price action will develop:






I started last week´s note (In Spanish, see here) pointing out  the following :

As an idea, we believe that the €uro deserves some “rest” after a complete retraction downward movement that began back in mid-June. This is why the hypothesis to find a new equilibrium zone appears as an interesting alternative.

In that sense, it is important to note that this [1.34] is mayor  level and, as we said above, we might possibly look into higher levels, maybe up to 1.3450, as an important area to define a new area of ​​balance, unless faced with increased buying pressure, hypotheses which we develop at the end of the note.

For now, our dynamic indicators provided a signal into 1.3390s, giving way to a 60 pips retraction , around 1.3330,  into Friday’s close.

We remain attentive to 1.3320-1.3310, in the very short term. If these levels show no interetst from buyers, we will be looking at 1.3280-1.3268, and 1.3260-1.3230.

Provided the price retraction continues,  will be looking as a second line of defense, into

1.3220-1.3215, 1.3190 and 1.3172-1.3157, with emphasis on 1.3160​​.

The commencement of the week found a brief support into  1.3280, then continue  the retraction towards 1.3233, where buyers took control again, -at least temporarily-, which was validated  by proprietary  pressure indicators.

1.3311 action found increased selling pressure, which led to the €uro to seek new week lows around 1.3205,  level that attracted the participation of buyers, and also which  verified by our dynamical pressure algorithms . All levels were present in the note of August 8 (sent to the webinar attendees and posted on August 11 on the blog), with the exception of the latter, where we expected  1.3190 were tested.

This point coincided with time in which  we were presenting our webinar, where we emphasize that this type of response should be taken into account as well as the range 1.3271-1.3300, which,  coupled with the significant participation of buyers identified through order flow,  was important o be taken into account as s a sign of commitment from them.

1.3310-1.3300 was broken with significant intensity, exceeding our expectations in terms of levels, providing an indication of important to the defense of the 1.3200-1.3170 range. Our dynamical pressure algorithms validated buyers commitment into this these levels. as it was happening.

The €uro closed the week finding equilibrium / balance at 1.3380-1.3310.

What can we expect for the upcoming days?

We recommend to read the following alongside the chart provided at the end of this post.

It is important to note the (wide) area of balance between 1.3400-1.3160 ​​as the current play field, and furthering  Constraining the range into the  1.3400-1.3300, as a closer approach. We Expect increased volatility next week after the  t FOMC minutes of the  on Wednesday 21, as well as Jackson Hole Symposium (Saturday 22-Sat 24) and PMI of France and Germany on Friday, 23.

It is important to note the intensity of the price action, specifically into 1.3305 as an immediate level. We believe that a lack of commitment on the part of buyers at this level, could lead the €uro to revisit lower levels.

Particularly, as a more immediate level, we will look at 1.3278, 1.3275-1.3230, 1.3264-1.3254 , to then look at the weekly support into 1.3220-1.3203.

As a scenario, we are working into 1.3140 as extended target, provided 1.3200 ‘s does not get defended, particularly into 1.3190 and 1.3172-1.3157, with emphasis on 1.3160​​,  as we have maintained on our  previous note (in Spanish) . In this regard, we refer to the note levels of August 8 and July 26, which are transcribed below:

Following this line, we believe that a break of 1.3140-1.3120, could lead to the €uro to test 1.3100, which if does not attract buyers, would lead us to focus on the 1.3078-1.3060 as an important line of defense in the coming days . Failure to provide  participation of buyers near these levels would put us more  cautious and we will be looking into 1.3000-1.2970 and 1.2940.

Following an increased pressure form sellers, we will be looking into levels posted into our note of July 26th, 2013 (PDF, in Spanish)

Provided this scenario, we would looking into the following levels, where we would expect some kind reaction in price.


It is important to note that the defense of key levels by buyers on Thursday should be taken into account. As a principle, we continued our bullish view, provided that the area around 1.3300-1.3278 is defended by buyers.

In that sense 1.3353-1.3347 as the first area, followed by:




This leads to the development of our bullish scenario, which we construct below.

Increased buying pressure scenario

Personally we believe that the whole market watching into 1.3400-1.3425, providing an important area for stop-loss orders to be located into this range, and it is important to remember that it is a key level that until now has had only been tested once.

Particularly, we will look at the following levels to experience some sort of reaction in price:

1.3425-1.3408, emphasizing 1.3416

1.3463-1.3436, emphasizing 1.3454 , noted  last week






1.35991.3612 and 1.3640-1.3680 as extended targets.


Finally, into our order flow monitoring, we find a similar situation to what we noticed back in  July 26 and August 8,  with a significant increase in the levels of buyers over the  last two  weeks.

In that sense, we see increased participation from buyers over the last week -as compared to the previous one-.  Only one level of sellers remains positioned into 1.3380, as of Friday August 16, according to our monitoring. Therefore, That is, we have seen an increase in terms of participation of buyers, even though the week ended with lower prices -as compared to the previous week. It is important to note this divergence between price and positioning.

Similarly, the positioning can be approached from two different scenarios:

The increase in terms of buyers, could be taken as a sign of strength, so that the €uro will reach higher price levels in the future,

Alternatively, a renewed increase selling pressure could eventually, pressure the committed buyers. Depending on how significant this pressure will be under this  scenario, it could eventually lead to a “run for the exits” of the buyers in the event they feel threatened. This  would eventually act as a “fuel” for a significant drop when being cornered by the downward pressure.

As usual, we will reviewing the dynamic positioning in the upcoming webinar in order  to verify price action developent around the various alternatives laid out.


DP. –


Crude Oil update * March 6th

Some buying response into $89.50, although buyers have not managed to surpass $91.

Market still balanced within $91-$89.50


Levels and scnearios posted back on March 1st & 4th are still valid.


Gold Update * Mar. 4

Still within scenario “a”, posted on March. 1st.-

I´ll be looking at how price action develops within scenario “b” (eventual rejection of lower value in the $1564´s).


a key sitaution I am currently looking into, which was pointed out last week

What it is important to note, is the fact that today´s move has wiped out all the long positions that were left from yesterday. This is kind of particular situation, since reference points (in terms of orderflow) tend to be weak. Usually, what I´ve found out in similar situations is that it usually ends up in an important move, in either direction.

As you´ll not eform the chart below, longs from $1572 are currently being pressure by sellers . this is a particular situation which should be taken into account in the sense that it might bring 2 opposite outcomes to the table


a-) longs not only sustain selling pressure, but reverse it into an overwhelmingly short market, which in turn creates the fuel for a rally

b-) selling pressure continues. Longs retreat sending price lower into a tailspin.

Again, my line in the sand for recovering upward momentum are $1600-$1598, followed by $1620-$1615.



I have moved towards hosting my blog at wordpress. From now on, this will be the new platform.

I have migrated most of the content with their help form WP staff (TY again!). However, some posts were lost in migration.

Thus, here´s the analysis on Gold, which was postmarked last night (you can see the source here), after the market opened on Sunday.

One of the scenario´s laid out back on Friday did actually play out.

I am not having a clear picture here.

On one side, I am working with the hypothesis of more consolidation in the area contained between this week lows ($1554), and  Yesterday´s quick rejection  of $1585´s by sellers is a hint here. I am leaning into the possibility of tagging $1594-$1592, followed by $1600, if buyers regain control….

The area within $1585 has proved to provide some selling with committed pressure to the downside. This could prove to be an inflection point, which should be further confirmed by the break of $1590-$1595, within next few days, provided buyers manage to mantain control,












Alternatively, provided selling continues, $1570-$1568 should be an area to look for to see if buyers look to defend.


This approach has been presented last Wed., Feb. 21 as one of three possiblilities to take into account, within a bigger picture. All of them are still valid.

Thus, three different scenarios to take into account:

REJECTION of current area + buyers take control –  Gold experiences an important retracement towards the $1580´s, $1590,s, even $1600 – I do not see it very likely, unless the above referenced levels are breached with intense and continued buying action

CONSOLIDATION INTO THE CURRENT (LOWER) VALUE AREA – Possible scenario, contained towards the $1585 area.

POSSIBLE CONTINUATION INTO LOWER AREAS OF VALUE – Also possible. In this case, I´ll be looking at the levels provided above. $1525 is key. I would be warry if price breaks down this level.

I am working with the idea that, if $1562 gets tested, likely is that we could see a retest of the lows at $1553, if not even further. In that sense, I´m leaning into the possibility that a break of $1548, will likely put back into $1525 territory.