Back In The Saddle


It´s been over a month since I have not posted. The time in California could not have been better. Had the chance to see some old friends, get some spring skiing and motorcycling, disconnect and enjoy a great time in one of the most outstanding places I ever had the chance to live in.

I´ve got back almost 3 weeks but couldn´t not find the time to get back into the old routine, .and other projects were taking the writing phase out of this equation, as well. Thus, my absence.

Almost selfishly, I´ll look to write more often on the assets I usually follow: ES, NQ, CL, GC, 6E, as the act of writing has helped tremendously on my own trading, and will aim to keep it that way.

Hope you have enjoyed some of the brief posts. Originally, I was planning to write more during my travels. Nevertheless, some ideas kept blossoming and wondering around so I will try to draft those during the next few weeks. Interestingly, writing seems to be in better-flowing-state, less constrained. Like therapy.

It is good to be back in the saddle.