Lake Tahoe Stills (Squaw Valley & Sierra Foothills)

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What Happens When You Live Abroad – Tahoe


I bumped into What Happens When You Live Abroad thru Thought Catalog, capturing the experiences and feelings of expats during their lives in a foreign territory that progressively transforms into home.

I had the privilege to spend a few years living in Lake Tahoe, California. The goal was to be able to accomplish an ever-present dream since I’ve first experienced the joy of snow sports.  For a boy born and raised in a big city, heading into the mountains was a brief experience that was lived during the holidays especially if the closest ski resort was 900+ miles from home. Thus, I decided to take some time off back in my mid-20’s and took off for a season.

It was hard not to get “sucked in” when you live in Paradise, surrounded by friends, nature and enjoying everyday. I’m aware about that the that every day should be enjoyed as the last, but to be honest, that is not my case, specially when you trade the tranquility and stress-free life of living in the mountains for the big-city life hustle and bustle…. To make a long story short: one season transformed into almost 5 years 🙂 (many, many smiles).-

It’s been a couple of years since I left North Lake Tahoe. My life there was marked by incredible experiences that I have never imagined. I made many friends along the road and feel there as home. I am always going to be deeply connected to that place and its community.

Since then, I try to visit every year. I don’t need to do anything else, but to enjoy the mountains along with my friends.-



I’m going to be taking a few weeks off.

Chances are, that you’ll be seeing more “leisure” stuff than the usual.

However, I tend to use my trips to gauge what is going on in far away places, so some opinions and observations might be developed alongside.