Gold Update * March 8

NFP brought intense selling pressure. Gold sol $18, testing $1560, facing important buying action, thus rejecting price into lower value areas.

Although I am keeping my downside bias, the (buying) response is undeniable and should be taken into account, specially in the short-term, where I’ll be keying into further follow-up from buyers.


Thus, the following scenarios:

a-) containment between the (newly modified)  balance area $1586-$1560

b-) Buyers maintain the pressure into $1586 (not a mere “test”, that is). Then, I will be looking into $1592-$1590, followed by $1596, which will bring it closer to the $1600 mark. ABove, I will be keying into $1603.

c-) Alternatively, sellers keep control of the situation. In this event, $ 1567 is an important price point, followed by $1560. I{m working here with the idea that the recent test/break of balance into $1560 is a clue of eventual (further) downside.

$1555 is a key price point, followed by $1552-$1550 (watch out with this round and perfect number)  & $1546-45, as references.



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