€uro update * March. 8

Broad, 200 pip balance area, as noted below.


Currently trading into 1.2990 (as I am writing this post) which happens to be a key price point. The more time/acceptance the €uro spends within this area, the more chances I see of further downside, provided no buying shows up to defend these levels.


To the downside, i am looking into 1.2940, followed by 1.2905. Lastly, 1.2880 is key. I{m working with the idea of sellers pressuring into this levele, might open the dooor for a bigger move. In that event, I will be looking into1.2840 & 1.2800-1.2785, followed by 1.2740, 1.2720-1.2700-1.2660 as an extended target.

Alternatively, provided buyers defend the current levels, 1.3075 is an important price point to watch, although the real threshhold is located into 1.3120-1.3080, followed by 1.3160. Provided buying pressure is maintained, the surpassing of 1.3200-1.3180 will be key for more upside. I will be watching also 1.3220 & 1.3250 as extended targets.



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