???URO update – $EURUSD $6E_F $$ #forex


€uro is trading at 1.3070, after bouncing from 1.3040. This was an area that was pointed out yesterday as a possible zone for buyers to get involved.

1.3040 POC is another spot where I would expect buyers to take the stand

What to look for? There hasn´t been many changes as of yesterday´s post:

– 1.3180 – 1.3140 is a key area. They swing spot has been tested 4 times over the last 4 months. 

– The next swing spot above is located at 1.3300 – Likely is (provided 1.3180 gets breached) that we might see a test towards these levels.

– Provided sellers show up into the 1.3100´s area, I am playing with the scenario of 1.3000s to be retested, which still the current line in the sand for short term upside momentum. Below that, not much until 1.2965´s and 1.2940.



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