???URO update – $EURUSD $6E_F $$ #forex #fx

I would like to see some sort of reaction from sellers into 1.2960-1.2945, otherwise, upside momentum still on.

No sellers on the levels referenced yesterday (above)
In fact, buying pressure has increased alongside a general risk on mood in the market today.

Currently trading at 1.2996, the pair is close to a mayor swing zone located in 1.3040-1.3020 (denoted by thicker/brighter mark). However, I am looking further above at the moment 1.3070-1.3042, but most specifically 1.3060 (Naked POC), scenario in which I am leaning into, provided no sellers show up at current areas.
To the downside, 1.2920 is a key price point I am watching in the event of a retracement (which, at the moment, doesn´t seem likely) 

1.2911-1.2866 represents another key area  which buyers should be expected to defend, under the scenario in which the pair experiences a retracement.
At last, some scalping areas to watch.

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