???URO UPDATE (Pre NY Session) – $EURUSD $6E_F $$

Price action reacted positively during Asia and reached the first target area (1.3062-1.3080), as posted yesterday:

Provided it gets defended by buyers, then I´ll be looking towards 1.3060-1.3080 (note that 1.3063 & 1.3018 are key pricepoints, both marked by pink dotted lines, in which the move and rotations around price have actually been contained over the last few days)


There´s a new area that has been developed 1.3030-1.3015 where I would expected buyers to defend, provided price action reaches this area. Nevertheless, It is a small area and seems quite unlikely for it to hold. Thus, bringing the key area 1.2970-1.2926. Also, important to note is the fact that these areas overlap with some POC´s, noted in pink dotted lines, as pointed in previous posts.

..note that 1.3063 & 1.3018 are key pricepoints…



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