Mr. Zurix and The one-man Bank $XLF

The photo has been taken the famous series of Asterix, the famous comic series which accounts the adventures of small village of Gauls resisting the Roman Empire occupation around 50BC.

Particulary, during “Asterix in Helvetia”, Asterix and his partner seek refuge from the Romans in a large safe deposit box in the vault of Swiss Bank (a one-man-Bank run by Mr. Zurix)


The video below, shows the daily operations of Flavian Kippel (who might well be the modern-day version of Mr. Zurix) who’s Director, Teller, compliance officer, back office manager…. and more.

He runs Spar und Leihkasse Bank, located in the village of Leuk, in the southwest of Switzerland, which is the second-smallest Bank in Switzerland -I was not able to find the smallest one, though.

The Bank has 20MM CHF in AUM and handles all of its operations from a 25 sq.m2 -roughly 250 sq. ft- office, where even the Safe is located, showing that bigger -as history has witnessed- is not always better. A modern-day Mr. Zurix.


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