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Two short and interesting takes on how geopolitical changes are affecting the current state of affairs

Ian Bremmer of Eurasia Group on this past G-20  meeting (via Bloomberg) and Niall Ferguson on how the balance of power between China and the US is playing within the Middle East dinamycs (via Newsweek).  




Urban Outlaw: Marcus Walker #porsche #911

Take one part Brit, one part Porsche enthusiast, one part artist and one part Rastafarian, and you get Magnus WalkerAs a self-taught mechanic, Walker and his wife bought a large L.A. warehouse, and it’s now where he lives and works, undertaking original 911 builds and custom jobs, largely without advertising. He lives and breathes 911s, and his works are the kind of vintage awesomeness that makes us pine for the past. Take a look at the trailer for the documentary by Tamir Moscovici on this remarkable story of man, machine and our favorite kind of American dream.

Via gearpatrol.com

Tomorrow, June 15th, $SPY goes ex-dividend…. and don??t forget monthly options expiration #opex


The folks at SIX FIGURE INVESTING have a recent post regarding two important events tomorrow:

* The SPY -ETF representing the holdings of the S&P500- goes ex-dividend, distributing aproximately $500MM, or an estimated 0.72/share.

* Monthly options expiration, every third Friday of the month -technically, they do expire on Staurday, but “stop trading” on Friday.

You can view the Options Expiration calendar via MarketWatch