And there we go $ES_F $SPY $SPX #market

– Trendline support (barely broken during monday´s afternoon)


– Now we have a gap to fill.


 – As for inventory levels on the ES


  • Those long positions entered @1165 aprox. in ealry October, have been taken out [3]
  • Next level of inventory in the near term: longs that have initiated their positions @1050, during the first days of October (the 4th to be exact) – This is a key level [2]
  • The first big test for the -eventual- upward move to taken momentum is to breach the inventory level initiated on Sunday night@1210. [1]
  • 1145-1150 long inventory has been taken out [3]
  • 1105 longs are the next eventual vulnerable position, in the event downward momentum continues to develop.

– Levels [BLUE –> areas of support // RED –> areas of resistance]


** it is important to note, that the levels in the chart above are established presently (11:30PM, ET) and are subject to be breached during Asia & London sessions, as the market moves in either direction, thus creating new levels. The closer ones to the price, bear the highest probability of beign breached. Therefore, do not assume that they would be in force during tomorrow´s NY session. Ill try to post the new levels during the open or during the day in order to show the newst areas @created@ during Asia & London **


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