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Some of the events the world is going to be facing in the upcoming weeks


—Monday, Oct. 10: Malta parliament votes on EFSF changes (delayed from Oct. 6).

—Tuesday, Oct. 11: Greek and Italian T-bill auctions.

—Slovakia parliament votes on EFSF changes.

—Thursday, Oct. 13: Italian bond auction.

—Friday, Oct. 14-Saturday, Oct. 15: G-20 finance ministers meeting.

—€2 billion of Greek T-bills mature.

—Monday, Oct. 17-Tuesday, Oct. 18: EU Council meeting.

—Tuesday, Oct. 18: Spanish and Greek T-bill auctions.

—Thursday, Oct. 20: Spanish and French bond auctions.

—Friday, Oct. 21: €1.625 billion of Greek T-bills mature.

—Saturday, Oct. 22: €1.059 billion of Greek bond interest payments due.

—Tuesday, Oct. 25: Spanish T-bill auction.

—Friday, Oct. 28: Italian bond auction.

—Monday, Oct. 31: Belgian bond auction.

—Tuesday, Nov. 1: Mario Draghi replaces Jean-Claude Trichet as president of the ECB.

—Thursday, Nov. 3: ECB policy meeting.

—Thursday, Nov. 3-Friday, Nov. 4: Meeting of G20 leaders in Cannes.

—Monday, Nov. 7: Meeting of Eurogroup finance ministers.


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