Investing in #VICE $USB $VICEX $MO $SWHC $BUD


The VICE FUND (VICEX) is the name of a USBank sponsored mutual fund.

According to the website

The Vice Fund invests in companies, both domestic and foreign, engaged in the aerospace and defense industries, owners and operators, gaming facilities as well as manufacturers of gaming equipment, manufactures of tobacco products and producers of alcoholic beverages.

The Vice Fund seeks to select well-performing stocks of tobacco, alcohol, gaming, and weapons/defense companies because we believe that these industries tend to thrive regardless of the economy as a whole. In fact, they may have the potential to perform better when times are uncertain, leading many to view investment in “Vice” industries as a solid strategy during recessionary periods.

It has averaged 8.2%/annually since inception (30-AUG-2002), compared to 5.29% of the S&P 500, as of the same date. For 2011, the fund is down 1.91% YTD vs. -8.7% of S&P500

Some of the fund holdings

– Alcohol ($BUD, $INBEV $SAB)

– Tobacco ($MO $TOB $PM)

– Defense & arms ($RTH $HON $LMT $SWHC)

– Gaming ($LAD $WYNN -HK-)




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