Building a Trading Strategy with Market Profile ($ES_F)

Very clear and insighful presentation on the basics of market profile.

In this workshop, technical analysis expert Robin Mesch explains how to use her Market Profile approach to building a trading strategy and a current outlook on key markets.

The presentation includes the following:

  • How to understand data representation with price bars
  • Why not all price points are considered equal
  • Market Profile as a database that accounts for price and time at price
  • Understanding Profiles as vertical bell curves of market performance
  • How markets move from high usage to low usage areas
  • Organizing data using Market Profile
  • Examples of trading strategies with corn and soybeans…

via CMEGroup website.



Skiing in the Chilean Andes

Here’s a brief account of my quick trip to the mountains.

I’ve been jonezing for some skiing for the last few months. I miss my old days living in the mountains in Lake Tahoe, and sometimes it is hard to be able to be up there for such a short time. It seems to never be enough with skiing.

I’m looking to pour some of of my interests in this blog, ranging from market analysis, news, things that I find curious and seem important to share, and such. Skiing is one of those.

A brief stint: I took off with some friends from Buenos Aires on a 2 hour-flight to Santiago, Chile. Upon arrival, we were picked off by a van, which drove us to the mountains… Our destination: Valle Nevado. Nestled in the middle of the Andes mountain range, usually 1hr. away from Santiago -provided good weather is around- is the area comprised by a network of 3 interconnected resorts which offer endless posibilities for every type of skier. The off piste terrain is massive and easily accesible.

We were welcomed by 2-day snowstorm which left plenty of freshies to enjoy during the following bluebird days. 

Here are a few photos of the trip. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did skiing.





Playing field ($SPY $SPX $ES_F #market)


Some levels to watch, updated.




Updated areas: december 2010 gap @ 118.70-119.65 is a “thin”/vacuum area has been in play last week. If momentum keeps on going (so far futures up +0.64%@1184.50, at the time of writing), 120 in SPY might be in the cards. I tend to pay a lot of attention to round numbers. Will look particulary @ 1200 in S&P500, provided we reach that area, and see how price action develops.

Amplifier: computers rule wall street (#HFT #market)


It’s not fast-talking traders on the New York Stock Exchange behind the action. The majority of trading is done on large server farms based in New Jersey and elsewhere.

Points a paragraph of the article Computers rule Wall Street in CNNMoney, which is worth taking a look at.

Experts don’t blame high-frequency trading entirely for the market’s nauseating moves, but they say it certainly exacerbates them.

will follow up with myideas on this matter, but did not want to miss the opportunity to post it.