Skateboarding has played a big part during my adolescence and has always been since then with me, either in one way or another. Usually, when travelling, I like to sneak into skate shops, and see how the sport has evolved. 

It’s been a few months since I’ve started to ride again. This time -and being 20 years apart- I have decided to leave my beloved Mike Vallely Pro Model at home and set myself up into a mellower longboard. Buenos Aires is really a flat place and the asphalt doesn’t help, so you have to scout for areas. However, I see a bigger trend developing here, sort of a renaissance of what I have experienced during the late 80’s.

Two interesting facts: Skate Parks seems to be blossoming in Buenos AIres and, every June 16, you have the “Go Skate Day”, also known as the National Skate Day, organized by Asociacion Argentina de LongboardArgentine Longboard Association, in Spanish.


The “evolution” I wrote above seems to show a more mature industry that has been able to incorporate a great desing input, changing the aesthetics of the sport, which has manage to continue growing.

A few interesting videos I have found. Hope you enjoy them.

<p>India : Oxelo Skateboards from on Vimeo.</p>


<p>Carving the Mountains from Juan Rayos on Vimeo.</p>



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