Independence, common sense & war


Independence and war are inexorably interconnected, at some point. Regardless of the circumstances. Regardless where you were born.

The 500+ photos were taken by a Marine, mostly with an iPhone and filtered in Hipstamatic during military deployment in Afghanistan in 2011.

A must see. You can view the full gallery here, as part of a bigger idea, ,which is an experimental media project, tracking the deployment of 1/8– 1st Battalion, Eighth Marines, throughout the duration of their deployment to southern Afghanistan. A small team of mobile media operators is embedded with the battalion, transmitting their reports and reflections from Helmand province as they travel across thebattalion’s area of operations.

Basetrack is an independent, civilian media project, funded by a 2010 Newschallenge Grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. It is not owned, or operated by the U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Department of Defense. Opinions expressed are attributed to individuals and do not represent official statements from any of the above institutions.




Printed & Sold by “R. BELL


Via ACL´s








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