Evo, 120,000 cars and 5 Million in taxes.


I was doing some more research in Bolivia while preparing my post on Lithium, and jumped into this interesting piece: According to some reports, Bolivia is ready to register more than 120,000 vehicles that have been in the territory without the proper registration requirements. Originally, the authorities of the Bolivian government forecasted the number of vehicles that would apply to the process of around 12,000, but the requestes have rose 12x times, since the inception of the program 2 weeks ago. 

The vehicles that do not pass the inspection, will be diverted for military use. Thus, we could conclude that some of Bolivia´s army equipment will be coming from from the “criminal supply chain”.

According to the sources,  most of the “chutos”  have been stolen in nearby countries -Chile, for example- and smuggled into Bolivia thru clandestine routes.

This is no news, I remember almost 10 years ago, reading that the official car of Paraguay´s President, was actually an originally stolen vehicle, robbed in Argentina and smuggled into the country with counterfeit registration. For more details, please check. The report is spanish, though.

The flipside? Bolivia´s administration seeks to raise the equivalent of U$S5 Million for the registration, or U$S 41, per vehicle.

If you can´t beat them….


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