Does anybody knows of a Hotel for sale in Greece?


Greece is burning and Rome might follow, afterwards….


Trying not to get caught into the “hype” about whether Greece is gonna default or not, although comparisons with Argentina are an obvious choice. However, many differences do exist that should be taken into account.

There’s an interesting article, authored by By Charles Newbery and Alexei Barrionuevo in the NYTimes “As greece Ponders Default, Lessons From Argentina”- which approaches some of the parallelisms & differences between both situations. It is definitely worth a read.

If any, i’ve been lately thinking about where would you find any opportunities in the aftermath of an eventual Greek default and tourism seems like a possible market to look into, provided Argentina’s tourism boom over the last 10 years

Does anybody knows about a hotel for sale in Greece these days? 

If Argentina’s case should apply, this could present a possible area to look for opportunities. Please see my previous post of Inc’s Magazine article on doing business in Argentina.

Also, I have found out that Argentina has its own particular museum: The Museum of Foreign Debt, which stands as a scenario engaged in the promotion of the Foreign Debt issue among Argentine people and foreigners who come to our country in order to study a paradigmatic foreign indebtedness process. Furthermore, it seeks to cooperate in the creation of a Citizenry construct within the framework of the Historical Memory, according to its website.

For a country with such a symbiotic relationship with its Foreign Debt, I should not be surprised with this finding. 

IOU issued by one of many Argentina’s provinces during 2002.



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