Barry. Market randomness has started a friendship.



photo of Floor of Buenos Aires Stock Exchange by Barry Horowitz


Wall street is an evil place. There’s plenty of bloodsucking institutions that make money at the expense of average Joe. 9%+ unemployment ramps up while the companies are making record profits,. There are subprime being sold to customers, while being shorted at the same time. Greece cooked its books to get into the EU. Insider trading. Market manipulation. All sorts of croocked stuff. Then there are the Madoffs, Standfords and all that you can think about in between.

It is common to read on a daily basis about some new financial Armageddon, created by some very well respected (I should use the word “known” these days, instead) institution who ends up blowing some multimillion (sometimes Billion) fund that never existed. The list goes on and on.

Let’s face it: it’s all rotten out there.

However, my experience with the financial markets has been quite the opposite. Through these last few years, I have ventured into them  on my own. This has translated into a raw and brutal learning experience counting endless hours of screen time, reading, experimenting, suffering, having moments of joy, and everything in the middle. Rinse and repeat.

During this journey I have met tremendous and very generous individuals –mostly, located thousands of miles away, and whom I have never personally met, yet.  Nothing as further from the word “rotten”.

I’m grateful for having the chance to meet them. Each on their own way, have provided me with some of their knowledge, in straight fashion. No BS here.

They took time to explain me their techniques, ideas and experiences that have nurtured me and helped me in becoming better at trying to make “sense” of what I see every day in the markets.

Thank you to all of you. Again, I’m deeply grateful.

I always think, what would happen to the financial markets if more of the people I’ve met were represented within the spectrum?

This brings me to a very a quite an interesting experience. I hardly remember how it started, but the story goes more or less like this:  As a frequent user of twitter, I have the chance to interact with an incredible universe of information and folks in 140-character space. 24/7.

I think it was around September of 2010, when I started to exchange mentions with @barry6214 on regards to the direction of the market. Barry6214’s uses market profile technique and auction market theory to trade, something I was exploring at the time (I’m still learning about MP & AMT).

A few more mentions went on until I decided to check barry6214’s profile and spot his avatar photo showed him with his wife in a very familiar setting to me: Casapueblo. Of course! I’ve been to that place a dozen times. It is located in Uruguay. It happened that barry6214 took this photo while vacationing with his wife, Pato, in South America.

Market randomness has started a friendship.

Is it really randomness? I try to connect the dots, and find out if the make any sort of sense when I blend them together. At some point, they usually do.

Our next step in the story (by the way, this all happened for real) is that barry6214 and I finally met a month later in Buenos Aires, where we had the chance to have long conversations about the markets and allowed me to see how he trades and looks at the markets, learn from his experience and strategies. barry6214 has been of great help in laying out the foundation of my study into market profile technique.  Aside from being a great trader, barry6214 is an accomplished Ironman & triathlon competitor. You can find more about him at his website, Triathlon Trading Group.

While in Buenos Aires, we had the chance to have dinner together at one of my favorite places, Guido’s Bar. If you are ever here, make sure to go, it serves phenomenal Italian food. Old school.

December 2010. I’m going to Xmas party in Buenos Aires. There were quite a few people there: some locals, some foreign. Fun time. At some point I randomly run into an American fellow who was looking at the same girl I was – I later found out he got her phone number. His name was Jared. He was from NYC (as barry6214) vacationing down here. We exchanged names and contact details. I’ve learned afterwards he had a blast during his time in South America. Happy for him. Never found out what happened to the girl ūüėČ

Fast forward. January 2011. NYC. I had the chance to be there and met with barry6214 again. We arranged to have dinner, where I was also going to meet the rest of the family, including his son.

To make a long story short: I get to the place, see Barry and his family and time freezes for a second when I recognize the face: the guy that I’ve randomly met back a month ago at the Xmas party (I did not know that Jared was related to Barry, back then) was in fact, barry6214 son!!!

Life is a trip. Indeed.


By the way, today is barry6214’s Birthday. Happy Birthday, my friend.




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